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Kondisyoner Tankları


Conditioner Tanks

Conditioner Tanks

Conditioner tanks are tanks that are designed and manufactured to condition the pulp with chemicals for a certain period of time before flotation, in other words, to prepare minerals for floating or sinking.

The correct number and volume of conditioners should be selected depending on the ore and the tests performed. The correct conditioner volume is very important for flotation efficiency as it determines the contact time of the ore with chemicals. With the propeller design selected according to the conditioner volume, its rate and its position in the tank, better mixing is ensured and collapses are prevented.

Specifications of Conditioner Tanks

  • Effective mixing with four buffles that prevent rotation in the tank
  • Output sheet to prevent short-circuiting of flow
  • Single or double impeller
  • Instant, quality and cheap spare parts supply