Tr En Fr Ru Es

Kil Açma Tankları




Tufekcioglu attrition-scrubbers perform attrition-scrubbing or surface cleaning with high efficiency by ensuring attrition and scrubbing of the grains with each other thanks to two opposite-angled impeller in each cell. The general intended purpose of these tanks is to disperse and separate the clays that are agglomerated to sand sizes or perfused on the sand grains. These tanks also allow the grains to be partially rounded. The attrition-scrubbing process is achieved by attrition and colliding of mineral grains in a high solids ratio (~70%) on each other.

Attrition-Scrubbers are selected and placed so that they can operate at the best efficiency. More than one tank is positioned in order to prevent the fed material from passing through without being cleaned 

All internal surfaces of the attrition-scrubbers, impellers and the part of the shaft inside the tank are covered with corrosion and wear resistant rubber. Since the mixing part, shaft bearing, shaft and impeller in each compartment can be removed from the cell as a single piece, the maintenance of the machine and the replacement of the worn parts are very easy. The dimensions in the diagram on the back page are valid for each cell. The number of cells is determined depending on the duration of attrition-scrubbing and it must be at least two.

Areas of Use

  • Breaking up clay lumps
  • Attrition-scrubbing of clay and kaoline
  • Cleaning clay minerals on all kinds of sand (glass, casting, construction, etc.) and residues on surfaces