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Taylor Valve

Taylor Valve

Tufekcioglu valves used in the pump discharge of ores, sand and gravel, coal, ash and slag, waste water and other solid materials in the form of slurry operate automatically without air or electricity connection.

Taylor Valve is used to determine the operating/back-up status of two pumps operating in parallel and to regulate the flow appropriately, whether they are operating together or individually. Free moving rubber covered ball, directed by the flow, is sized according to the entry holes. The ball directed by the flow from the operating pump closes the standby pump’s connection port. In case two pumps operate at the same time, the ball remains in balance by opening both ports.


  • All wet (exposed to flow) parts and surfaces of the valve are covered with high wear resistant rubber.
  • It replaces a valve system consisting of at least two valves that will do the same job and costs less.
  • Standard connection flanges EN 1092-1 PN-10
  • Unalloyed low carbon steel body construction, St 37
  • Continuous 24-hour operation.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Fast, quality and cheap spare parts supply.