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SUB-A Selüller

Flotation Cells

SUB-A Cells

SUB-A Cells

Classically known all over the world, SUB-A type Flotation Machines have been produced by Tüfekçioğlu since 1999.

Thanks to the level adjustment plates located between the cells, these cells, which prevent the pulp from returning to the cell where it comes from and can control the pulp level in each cell, absorb the air required for flotation. They also work with forced air when required.


  • Suitable for all-day heavy working conditions
  • Optionally, single or double foam scraper system
  • Ease of maintenance and easy replacement of wearing parts
  • Abrasion and corrosion resistant rubber coated stator and fan
  • Rubber coating of all surfaces in contact with the body and pulp depending on the request and conditions
  • Instant, quality and cheap spare parts supply