The casing and impellers of Patented Tufekcioglu slurry pumps are generally lined with rubber and polyurethane which are resistant to quick wear. High strength steel cast (Ni-Hard) impeller applications suitable for high speeds at big heads and high flow rates are supplied on request. Tüfekçioğlu Patented Pumps are trouble free and have long life with sturdy bearing housing, overload resilient bearings and high safety shaft-rotor assembly. Correct, fast and easy adjustment is provided for impeller and casing clearance by designing an axial sliding feature for bearing housing on the base. Pumps are protected against overloading and knocks by right weight cast iron base designed to absorb vibrations and V-belt/pulley coupling.Owing to the two pieces pump casing design, the rubber casing liner and pump impeller can be replaced easily in a short time. This can also be achieved without pump casing being dismantled with the optional sliding steel chassis under the pump base.




• Standard connection flanges EN 1092-1 PN0-10

• 24-hour non-stop operation

• Easy maintenance

• Prompt supply of high quality and reasonably priced spare parts (rubber or Ni-Hard)

Note for User: The spare parts for KT pumps which were produced before YKT pumps, are still supplied if requested. 


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