Froth pumps have large diameter suction ports and with their full radial, semi-open impeller design they provide non-clogging, self-priming, high suction ability and smooth-running characteristics. They provide problem-free pumping frothy flotation concentrates.

Air trapped in froth as bubbles are separatedin a specially designed conical tank operating with a principle similar to that of hydrocyclones, thus providing more effective pumping. The shaft-rotor set is designed to slide vertically on the tank with heavy duty bodies and bearing houses suitable for extensive loading and has high safety standards and is suitable to bear all vertical loads. The sliding ability provides impeller openings to be adjusted correctly, quickly and easily. Pump casing can be opened in place without dismantling with the sliding ability and therefore rubber lining and impeller replacements can be done quickly and easily. As the motor and pump are coupled by belt–pulley arrangement, the pump works without impact thus it is protected against overloading.



• 24-hour non-stop operation

• Easy maintenance

• Prompt supply of high-quality, reasonably priced spare parts



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