Tüfekçioğlu valves are used to divert slurries of sand and gravel, coal, ash and ground slag, waste waters and other solid substances of certain size from the pump discharge end. They operate automatically without any air or power connections. Taylor valves are employed to determine the operation/ back up conditions of two parallel pumps and to organize the flow in the appropriatemanner in cases of either simultaneous or individual uses. The freely moving rubber lined ball, which is directed by the flow, is sized according to inlet dimensions. The ball directed by the flow from the pump in operation closes the inlet of the standby pump. In the case of two pumps operating simultaneously the ball remains in balance by opening both inlets.



• All wet (exposed to flow) parts and surfaces of the body are lined with replaceable high wear resistant rubber

• Provides an economical solution since it can be used instead of a valve system consisting of at least two valves to serve the same function

• Standard Connection Flanges EN 1092-1PN-10

• Body: Unalloyed low carbon steel construction, St37.2

• Non-stop 24 hours operation

• Easy maintenance

• Prompt supply of high-quality and reasonably priced spare parts