Pumps are used to deliver fluids to higher levels and/or to a certain distance. They also provide the fluid pressure needed at the exit of the pipe line of the pumped fluid. This pressure is required for some process machinery, primarily for the hydrocyclone.

The important point in slurry pumping is the provision of correct operating conditions.


Motor Power Calculation

Efficiency of centrifugal slurry pumps depends on discharge openings. For example, while efficiency is around 30% with a 25mm discharge, it reaches over 75% with a pump of having 250mm discharge opening. Following equation gives motor power for a pump operating with 55% efficiency:

Q: Flowrate, m3/hour,

H: Head (for each 10m of pipe length and for each 90°bends add 1m, and when it is coupled with a hydrocylone add 10m, more)

 ρ: Pulp specific gravity, ton/m3