Tüfekçioğlu has been engaged in the production and installation of rubber liners and lifterbars for rod, ball and autogeneous mills since 1982. Rubber liners and lifterbars are designed and produced for all types of mills. Rubber liners have significant advantages over alternative liners of steel, stone, alumina and the like, some of which are wear resistant, being energy saving, enabling to reduce noise for better working environments and the improvement of grinding efficiency. Rubber liners which are successfully employed in the sectors of metal mining, ceramics industry, lime production plants, industrial minerals, coal, sand & gravel and as such have long life durability and long term guarantee due to the special rubber formula developed through many years of Tüfekçioğlu experience in rubber making. Liners and lifterbars are designed in line with the technical specifications of the mill and the characteristics of the material to be ground.The life of the rubber liners does not entirely depend on the quality but also on the design. Tüfekçioğlu holds a proven success of itsrubber designs and became a favoured brand.


• Quite working environment

• Ease of first installation and maintenance

• Energy savings of 4-5% together with lessened of mechanical failure

• Saving of ball consumption around 1,5% (rubber liners do not abrade the balls sodo steel liners)

Note for User: In rod mills, rods should be checked periodically. Otherwise broken rods may slash liners and cause tangling.

Rubber Liners With Alumina

With this new design rubber lining, size reductionis improved because of the inserted alumina balls in the liners, thus enabling the mill to operate more efficiently. Besides, they reduce the energy consumption of the mill. Self-perpetuation and long lasting rubber liners with the inserted alumina balls in the liners for ceramic industry. Alumina balls are more resistant to abrasion; so a great improvement in lining life is anticipated.



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