Pinch valves are used to control volumetric flow rate. The rubber tube, which is the major element of the valve, in general, has a cylindrical structure with flanges on both ends for fixing; thus, is more suitable for flow control with higher flow coefficient (Kv) and lower loss coefficient (K) than other valves. The rubber tube operates successfully in conditions of high abrasion environment. Pinch valves are produced in two different forms as either with open tanks for operation in lower pressure level or with closed tanks for higher pressures.

The rubber tube can be opened and closed with the specially lugged screw shaft on its end, allowing precise adjustment of the flow rate. Pinch valves of varying diameters are produced both as aluminium/sphero cast closed-type and steel-bodied open type. Pinch valves can be manually or automatically operated by means of PLC controlled air drive system to maintain flow level control. Pinch valves suitable for electrical automation, can also be manufactured upon request.



• Standard Connection Flanges EN 1092-1PN-10

• Operational pressures of 1,5-3 bars in terms of their diameters

• Continuous 24 hours operation

• Easy maintenance

• Prompt supply of high-quality and reasonably priced spare parts



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