Cell Volume Calculation for Conventional Cells

 Required volume of conventional flotation cells are calculated by using the following formula:

V: Total cell volume,

Q: Capacity as dry metric ton per hour.

T: Scaled up flotation time, min. (lab. test time is multiplied with a factor given in the table below.)

E: Air volume ratio, 1.18. Generally, 15% of cell volume is occupied with air bubbles.

X: Relationship between pulp density and ore specific gravity as follows.

ρ : Specific gravity of ore

P: Percentage of solids by weight

F: Manufacturers coefficient. Generally, it ranges between 1.1 and 1.25

In conventional design manner, the number of cells in each bank is determined according to the table below.


While determining the number of large volume tank cells produced in recent years, it is essential to take into consideration the possibility of the short circuiting of pulp as well as the required froth surface area related to the ore feed grade. Please consult a specialist to determine the number of tank cells of your project.

Tüfekçioğlu started to serve as the only producer of Flotation Cells in Turkey, in 1999. As well as improving conventional flotation cells by the experience gained through the many years in the industry and R&D studies. It also produces the new larger volume Tüfekçioğlu patented tank cells.