Tüfekçioğlu attrition-scrubbers, having two reverse angled propellers in each cell, produce highly efficient scrubbing and surface cleaning as a result of rubbing of grains to each other. The general use of attrition scrubbers is to open clays or to get rid of clay coatings and residues from the sand surfaces. Attrition scrubbing may rasp particles to a certain extent depending on the hardness of minerals. Attrition scrubbing must be applied at high solids concentration, i.e. 70-75% solids by weight for good result. Attrition Cells are commonly configured in series to prevent short circuits. All inner surfaces of attrition-scrubbers, propellers and shafts are lined with rubber, highly resistant to abrasion and wear. Worn out parts can easily be replaced since the shaft bearing, shaft and propellers are taken out as one piece. The drawing of the following page shows the dimensions for single cell. The number of cells are determined according to the required time for attrition scrubbing.


• Disintegration of lumpy clays

• Disintegration of kaolin

• Cleaning of clay minerals and residues on the sand surfaces (glass, foundry and construction sands)


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