As Tüfekçioğlu Rubber & Machinery, we convey our experience in the production of rubber spare parts to the production of mineral processing machinery for boosting the users’ profit.

Tüfekçioğlu Rubber & Machinery, founded by Abdülkadir TÜFEKÇİOĞLU in 1954, serves mining, glass-ceramics and aggregate industries with the production of processing machinery, their rubber spare parts and linings.




Tüfekçioğlu started to serve as the only producer of Flotation Cells in Turkey, in 1999. As well as improving conventional flotation cells by the experience gained through the many years in the industry and R&D studies. It also produces the new larger volume Tüfekçioğlu patented tank cells.




Pumps are used to deliver fluids to higher levels and/or to a certain distance. They also provide the fluid pressure needed at the exit of the pipe line of the pumped fluid. This pressure is required for some process machinery, primarily for the hydrocyclone.